To paint is like floating through twilight, observing what’s decide to stay or go.

Helena Einhaus


Art bears witness to the state of the world. And art can open up further access for people to the world of experience of other people and thus of humanity in general.


As a woman, I am interested in the position of women in this world – and which worlds they imagine. Which of these ideas will our future arise from?


What touches me is the unfinished and the imperfect. The becoming. The passing. Moments that are vague, that may never come true. Ideas that only live for a moment.


I try to sound out these moments and their conditions in my pictures, to order the invisible, to make the unknown recognizable. The most important question: which fantasies develop the strength to live on and to spread.

„Grinning ape men going futur“

Ink and Acryl on paper, 23,3″ x 33,1″


Helena Einhaus

Living In