Black Series

„On the silent canal“ 2017

Ink on Paper,  33,1″ x 23,3″

„Marsh flower“, 2018

Acryl, coal and ink on Paper, 23,3″ x 33,1″

„Winter landscape“, 2017

Acryl and coal on paper, 23,3″  x 25″

Abri sous ponts, 2017

(Shelter under bridges)

Acryl on paper, 23.42" x 33.1"

„Paris“, 2016

(My love)

Acryl on paper, 33,1″ x 23,3″

„Even if you don’t see him, he’s always on your right side“, 2019

Acryl and ink on Paper, 21.42″ x 33.1″

Cultural business

A couple is standing in front of a theater entrance. The performance will be given: King Leon the White.

In the pre-performance, a dervish, surrounded by his different audiences, shows his dances.

Middle line
King Leon and his wife are on the stage.

King Leon’s make-up area backstage.

A female dancer.


After the performance everybody relax in a Pianobar, and strange things going around.

Also a strange thought comes up: can a screen replace the actors?

And final: Is in the picture of a painter more to see of the painter or of the model?

„Devant le théâtre“, 2019

(In front of the theater)

Acryl on paper, 23.42″ x 37.1″

„Derviche au milieu de son public“, 2019

(Dervish in the middle of his audience)

Acryl on paper, 23.42″ x 30.1″

„Le roi Léon sur la scène“, 2019

(King Leon on the stage)

Acrylic on paper, 30.1“ x 23.42″

„Le lieu de maquillage du roi Léon“, 2019

(The make-up place of King Leon)

Acrylic on paper, 23.42“ x 33.1″

„La danseuse“, 2019

(A female dancer)

Acrylic on paper, 10.1“ x 8″

„La pianiste est un mâle souris“, 2016

(The female pianist is a male mouse)

Acrylic and chalk on cardboard, 23.42“ x 30″

„No screen can replace the theater“, 2016

Acrylic and chalk on cardboard, 23.42“ x 30″

„Le peintre et son modèle“, 2018

(Love Pablo)

Acrylic and chalk on cardboard, 23.42“ x 30″

New ideas?


The ideas of 68 have slowly disappeared. They are like old graffiti: barely recognizable. Who knows the old meaning? We will left them behind in the flow of time.

Thanks to my parents. You are wonderful.

Graffiti „Love“, 2019

(Thanks mum)

Acrylic on paper, 23.42″ x 33.1″

Graffiti „Peace“, 2019

(Thanks dad)

Acrylic on paper, 23.42″ x 33.1″

Family life

„A father looks at his newborn twins“, 2020

(Welcome Konrad and Möhrchen, *14.01.)

Acrylic and Ink on paper, 23.42″ x 33.1″

„Dudes playing cards“, 2018

 Acrylic on paper, 23.42″ x 33.1″

„What family means“, 2017

Red chalk color and coal on cardboard, 23.42″ x 30.1″

„Senior couple with cat and fridge“, 2019

(The invisible)

Acrylic on paper, 23.42″ x 33.1″

„Sink with dishes“, 2017

Acrylic on paper, 33.1″ x 23.42″

„Woman of the house in front of the sink“, 2019

Acrylic on paper, 10″ x 23″

Observations and thought

„Working existences“, 2019

Acrylic and ink on cardboard, 23.42″ x 33.1″

„… will end in riots“, 2017

Acrylic and ink on cardboard, 23.42″ x 33.1″

„Don’t give up, neither will he“, 2019

Acrylic on cardboard, 23.42″ x 33.1″

Helena Einhaus

Living In